geo-referenced-digital-map-aglonWe are proud to be one of the pioneers of UAV technical operations in Ghana. Commonly referred to as Drones,  UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a term used to describe aircraft that are flown remotely with no pilot on board. Their flight is usually controlled either autonomously by on-board computer guidance systems and or remotely by a pilot on the ground.Their sizes can range from the size of a human thumb to an actual-size aircraft. Drones are increasingly being used for more civilian purposes and have evolved into very valuable tools for collecting data.

Introduced in 2010 as a service in our portfolio, we have over the years grown to become one of the most experienced drone companies in ghana , constantly improving the capabilities and fleet of our drones.We are capable of providing  our clients with a variety of data forms to suit their needs.

Our fleet of drones are specially designed to efficiently carry out:

We provide UAV sales and repair services of both fully functional systems and parts. Organizations interested in purchasing their own UAVs can consult with us for technical advice on the right systems to purchase based on their requirements. We also offer training for drone pilots  and ground station operators. Training offered by AGLON is only for competency,we are not licensed to certify pilots.After your training , you will need to go through the formal certification process to become a certified UAV pilot.

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