Trying to manage your IT infrastructure and your business together can become very stressful and time-consuming, especially if IT is not your core business. AGLON started providing tailored IT consultancy services to enable organizations outsource their IT and all the  bottlenecks that come with IT service delivery and management .We believe that every organization has its core business or service and Information Technology (IT) has become an integral part of most successful businesses today.  From our experience, most small to medium sized organizations with low number of employees do not sometimes require a full-time IT manager. These companies form part of our primary clients, with tailored service agreements to suit their needs. We also provide a wide rage of services, including 2nd-level support for larger corporate organizations.The overall efficiency of staff relies on how reliable their IT infrastructure is. We carry out requirement analysis of our clients businesses and develop an IT Service Management Contract to fit their organizational needs.

“Concentrate on your business we have your IT needs covered”

Some of the organizations we provide IT consultancy services to are:

  • Corporate Organizations
  • International / Multi-national Organizations (we provide local IT operations support)
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Private Organizations
  • NGOs