IT Consultancy Services

We provide quality-tailored IT consultancy services.


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Aero-Data Services

We provide professional UAV (drone) services for technical and photographic applications.

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Wireless HotSpot Solutions

We provide cloud-managed wireless HotSpot solutions for private and public use.

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On top of this page, you can see live demonstration of Rich Menu. Icon Arrow Up

With this menu system you can attach icons and add descriptive text to each menu item making them much clearer and visually appealing. The best thing is you can use the default menu module built-in Joomla!, no need to install external menu modules.

Menu items with descriptive text

JSN Solid allows you to present menu items with descriptive text placed on a separated line at the bottom of main text.

Main Menu Rich Text

To setup text strings you need to go to menu item settings and add symbol combination “(=) as separator between primary and secondary text.

Main Menu Rich Text Settings

In the example above text “Home” is the primary text and “Lorem ipsum dolor sit...” is the secondary text. Separator between them is the symbol combination “(=)”. Really simple and elegant solution.

Menu items with icons

JSN Solid allows you to assign up to 20 predefined icons for items in main menu.

Main Menu Icons

To setup icons, you need to find template parameter Main Menu Icons and choose any icon you want to display from drop-down panel.

Main Menu Icons Settings

Combination of descriptive text and icons

You can use combination of descriptive text and icons to get Rich Menu in it's best presentation.

Main Menu Rich Text combined with Icons


Drone Repairs & Sale

Did you crash your DRONE ? No need to worry , we can fix it for you because WE BUILD THEM.It takes an average of 7 working days to fix your drone, subject to parts availability. Contact us for a FREE quotation for fixing your drone. We also sell the latest Drones in the market with delivery in 5 Days


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