"BongoHotSpot" is a wireless internet solution introduced by AGLON to provide cloud-managed HotSpot services. Our managed WiFi hotspot enables businesses to provide free or paid wireless Internet services to their customers. On the front- end, it is a simple web interface that allows customers to login to enjoy the added service and at the back-end are highly customizable tools the service provider can use to connect to his or her customers.

BongoHotspot makes it easy for single stores or large chains to bring the benefits of managed Wi-Fi to their patrons. This enables them to :

⇒ Gain new customers

⇒ Increase off-peak traffic

⇒ Build customer loyalty

⇒ Run cost-effective marketing campaigns    

There has been a rapid increase in the demand for internet ; fast, accessible, reliable, affordable internet. Reducing the cost of distributing internet is the key to meeting this demand. BongoHotspot seeks to meet this demand by providing  value added wireless internet solutions that will make our clients maximize the benefits of their internet.




Benefits of implementing a managed WiFi service for your business

  • Wireless Internet access for your customers. Usage can be managed with speeds and log-on durations tailored to your needs.  
  • Customizable settings you could implement to take proper control of your network.
  • Option for customers to enter their email address, phone number or like your Facebook page to have access to your WiFi
  • Collecting the contact information of your clients so as to keep them informed of special programs or offers available. This can be exported to MS excel for group mailing
  • Limiting the use of your WiFi, by preventing abuse of the network for media download leading to loss of quality and speed.
  • Boosting sales and patronage during off-peak hours of your business with value added services

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