We are proud to be one of the pioneers in Ghana, utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in collection and processing of data. We are able to provide our clients with various forms of data to suit their needs.

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a term used to describe an aircraft that is flown remotely with no pilot onboard. Its flight is usually controlled either autonomously by onboard computer guidance systems or remotely by a pilot on the ground.

Commonly referred to as “Drones”, UAVs vary in sizes, shape and flight mode. Their sizes can range from the size of a human thumb to an actual-size aircraft. They are increasingly being used for more civilian purposes and have evolved into very valuable tools used for gathering data.



We collect and process the following types of data:

  • Video (Quality up to 4,000 pixels )
  • Photographs (Quality ranging from 5 MP to 12 MP)
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Coordinates 
  • Night Vision, Infrared and Thermal Imaging **
  • Air pressure, Humidity, Temperature and Air Speed ** 





Note: Data types marked with "**" require additional censors, therefore ample notice is required from clients who require such data.


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We have identified several areas and fields that can utilize our services. These include, government, ngo, corporate and private organizations. Some of the areas that UAVs could be utilized are:  

  • Environmental Protection
  • Agriculture
  • Aerial Photography & Video
  • Wild-Life Protection
  • Fire fighting
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Pipeline, Rig and Thermography Inspections
  • Real Estate and Land Inspection/ Surveying
  • Law enforcement
  • 3D Mapping

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