AGLON IT & Aero-Data is a reliable provider of expert IT and drone services, serving an ever-growing number of clients since it’s founding in 2008. We have within this period improved to become the go-to firm for tailored IT services and quality equipment. From IT requirement analysis, design, implementation and maintenance, AGLON’s IT service has helped businesses reduce their IT costs considerably and increase their productivity.


IT Consultancy Services

Trying to manage your IT infrastructure and your business together can become very stressful and time-consuming, especially if IT is not your core business. AGLON started providing tailored IT consultancy…

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Aero-Data Drone Services

We are proud to be one of the pioneers of UAV technical operations in Ghana. Commonly referred to as Drones,  UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a term used to describe…

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Cloud Hosting Services

Are you an entrepreneur looking to have some web presence or a large corporate organization requiring a reliable cloud hosting service for your web applications , email and websites?  We…

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We have identified a broad range of applications of our UAV services. Governments, NGOs, Corporate and Private Organizations could utilize our UAVs for the following:


Wildlife and Environmental Protection

As a modern and innovative company, the environment formed the basis for initiating this project, by employing practical innovativ…

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UAVs are becoming increasingly relevant in the agriculture sector. While it will take hours to survey a farm on the ground, the us…

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Aerial Photography

Our multi-spectral capable UAVs can be used for aerial inspections and drone photography of places of interest. Governments and pr…

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aglon-ghana-uav-drones-law enforcement-police-2

Law Enforcement

  The police, military and other law  enforcement and security agencies could make use of the drone services we provide. Our…

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Search and Rescue Operations

Our UAVs are equipped with a variety of sensors and  payloads for search and rescue operations.They could also be used to supply…

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Our drones can assist in firefighting by reducing  the risk in assessing fire disasters. With the capability of being retrofitted…

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Power-Line, Pipe-Line, Dam and Rig Inspections

Inspection of terrestrial gas pipelines, oil rigs, power lines, wind turbines, hydro-electric dams  and solar power systems could…

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Real Estate, Land Inspection and Surveying

  More  business sectors are embracing drone technology with the real estate industry at the forefront. Our UAVs are capable…

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Mining, 3D and Digital Mapping

Creating digital maps has become easier and more efficient with the use of UAVs. We are able to collect data of an Area-of-Interes…

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AGLON has since 2010 been improving and advancing in the knowledge and application of Unmanned Systems. We have joined one of Europe's largest network (Robo-Valley) , based out of Delft in The Netherlands. Delft, is being referred to in many quarters as the "Silicon Valley" of Europe

aglon-ghana-uav-drones-digital-map- 900

AGLON creates 7.5 km digital map for construction project

Our clients wanted a geo-referenced digital map of a 7.5 km road and its perimeter and we delivered .Considering the kind of equipment we had then, this same kind of…

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AGLON joins the fight against climate Change – REDD+ Project

The Ghana Ministry of Lands Natural Resources and the National REDD+ Secretariat of the Forestry Commission organized the first ever NATIONAL REDD+ FORUM on the 25th November, 2015, at the…

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Get updated on the latest news and trends in the tech industry and follow us for tips on latest vulnerabilities and solutions to some of your IT problems.


Read the letter New Zealand telecom executives sent to Facebook, Google and Twitter

Executives at three major internet service providers in New Zealand have written a letter to the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter, asking them to take more responsibility over the…

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Tech Industry All about Boeing’s 737 Max, the flight ban and investigations

A week after the second deadly crash of a 737 Max 8, Boeing is facing massive scrutiny over one of its newest and most critical aircraft models. The airliner remains grounded around…

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Google hit with €1.5bn fine from EU over advertising

Google has been hit with a €1.49bn (£1.28bn) fine from the EU for blocking rival online search advertisers. It is the third EU fine for the search and advertising giant…

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